Payment Policies

    Ekstra Tourism will always be as helpful and flexible as possible but there are very clear limits regarding payment(s). Advance payments are needed to guarantee hotel reservations and tour programs. Promises to pay/come are very nice but by necessity the hoteliers and other service providers can guarantee reservations only when there is at least a partial advance payment. Ekstra Tourism must work under this constraint and it is reflected in our payment procedures and contact.

    Although we will try our best to accommodate groups that want service on short notice or groups that wish to make “last minute changes”, it must be understood that such situations can be problematic and/or may incur additional costs. Also, groups wanting short notice service would likely, by necessity, have to pay 90-100% of the cost by credit card before arriving. We are always prepared for challenges and we will do our best.

    We at Ekstra Tourism prefer to be paid by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Diners Club) as this is the most convenient and cheapest payment method. However we can also accept payment by:

  • Bank transfer
  • Bank draft/cheque. Personal or company cheques can NOT be accepted.
  • Cash / travelers’ cheques. These can only be accepted in Istanbul to pay for additional services during or after the visit, or to make a final payment (at most 10% of the total).

    Details concerning each payment method can be found under “Payment Procedures”.

    Although it seldom happens, it may be possible that plans and itineraries can change. Our contract gives details about reimbursements due to changes or cancellations

    Payment Procedures