Form Explanations for Tour Agencies or Operators

    This section has the following parts:

  • Definition of terms
  • Directions for completing the forms:
      1. Hotel Information Form
      2. Visitor Information Form
      3. Insurance Information Form

    Definition of Terms:

  • The agency's Representative is the person cooperating / working with Ekstra Tourism.
  • The Program Coordinator is the person who assists and works closely with the Representative. He/she will answer questions as best as possible, provide information about various choices and help to resolve potential problems and/or difficulties BEFORE the group visits Turkey. From the office the Program Coordinator will assist the tour group's leader as well as each group member throughout the visit.

    Directions for Completing the Forms

    A copy of each form can be printed from our website. Each form is a Microsoft Excel file that can be saved for future completion. Each completed form can be emailed to the Program Coordinator as an attachment.

    The following is detailed information that is meant to help complete Ekstra Tourism's three forms. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Program Coordinator that Ekstra Tourism assigned to work with your company. Completing these forms will ensure a successful and enjoyable visit to Turkey. Program Coordinator will assist with each step of Ekstra Tourism's procedure.

    Hotel Information Form:
  • Name and surname of each group member.
  • Details about accommodations:

      a) Which hotel category does the group want? The choices are Special Category, 3-star, 4-star or 5-star hotel. If desired, the group can be split between two hotels (example: 3* and 4*) if there are a minimum 20 people for each.
      b) Who will be in single room? Who will be together in a double room?
      c) Who will be together in a triple room? Who will be together in a family suite?
      d) Who is 0 - 6 years old? They often stay for free.
      e) Who is 7 - 12 years old? They can often stay for half-price.

  • If a member's schedule is different from the rest of the group, then all details must be emailed to the Program Coordinator. For example: Who will arrive before or after the group & when? Who will leave before or after the group & when?

  • It may be possible to reserve a hotel floor only for non-smokers. Information about smokers is optional.

    Note: Double rooms often have one bed that is shared by two people. This is usually the situation for a triple room. If sharing a bed is not acceptable for some people who want a double or triple room, then please be sure to indicate this on the Hotel Information Form.

    Visitor Information Form:
    1. Details about how each group member arrive and depart.

    • Name of airline, ferry or bus company
    • Flight number
    • Arrival date and ETA
    • Departure date and ETD

    This information helps us to arrange transfers. The departure information is also used to re-confirm all reservations while the visit is in progress and to assist with checking in.

    Please note: Ekstra Tourism can make inexpensive plane reservations only for people traveling from Turkey to Germany. However, plane reservations should easy as there are several airlines serving Istanbul and many routes lead to the city.

    2. Passport numbers are optional unless a group member is planning to leave by ferryboat to a Greek Island (Rhodes, Samos, Chios or Kos) and he/she wants Ekstra Tourism to buy the ticket in advance.

    3. Not counting hand-held items, how many pieces of luggage (suitcases, backpacks, etc.) is each group member expecting to bring? This information will help the Program Coordinator ensure there is a large enough vehicle(s) for each transfer.

    4. The following requested information is optional. However, it is recommended because it will help the guide and Program Coordinator to better satisfy the needs of individual group members. As the Representative, please always remember that Ekstra Tourism's aim is to give the best possible service to each customer:

  • What is the birth date for each person?
  • Who is a vegetarian? We want to ensure that appropriate meals are available each time.
  • Who has already visited Turkey?
  • Does each person have insurance in case of a medical emergency?
  • Does anyone have a health condition? For example the guide can help ensure there are appropriate meals at the correct time for diabetics, or he/she can pace each tour accordingly for those who can have breathing or heart difficulties.

    Insurance Information Form:

    This information is optional but, to be responsible, it should be completed. Copies of the Insurance Information Form will be given to the guide, Program Coordinator and Tour Group Leader.

    If information is not given or if a person has no insurance, then someone from Ekstra Tourism or the guide can still call a doctor, etc. for that person in the event of a medical emergency but: Under no circumstances will Ekstra Tourism or the guide be responsible for paying medical expenses.

    Hotel Information Form
    Visitor Information Form
    Insurance Information Form