Footsteps of St. Paul
    All meals are included for each full day.

    1st Day
    Meet in the Istanbul airport and afternoon flight to Adana. Drive to and overnight in Antakya.

    2nd Day (Antakya - Adana)
    Full day tour of Antakya (Antioch ad Orontes): Orthodox, Catholic & Protestant Churches, the archeology museum with its outstanding collection of classical mosaics, and the Cave-Church of St. Paul where he preached. Saints Paul, Peter & Barnabas had stayed here and it was where followers were first called "Christians". Drive to and overnight in Adana.

    3rd Day (Adana, Tarsus - Konya)
    Tour Tarsus (St. Paul's birthplace): St. Paul's Well and old city. Visit Derbe and Lystra, where St. Barnabas preached, as well as Binbir Church. Overnight in Konya.

    4th Day (Konya - Egirdir)
    Morning tour of Konya (Iconium) which was one of the cultural centers of the Turkish Seljuk Empire. This is where the mystic Mevlana founded the sect of the Whirling Dervishes. Visit the Alaaddin Mosque, Karatay Theological Seminary. Drive to Pisidian Antioch and overnight in Egirdir.

    5th Day (Egirdir - Antalya)
    Tour the ancient cities of Perge and Aspendos which have the best-preserved stadium and theater. Amazingly the theater is still in use and can seat 15,000 people. Overnight in Antalya.

    6th Day (Antalya - Pamukkale)
    Visit Laodicea, where St. John admonished the residents for being lukewarm and wanted to spit them out (Revelation 3:15-17). Continue to Pamukkale, which is aptly called "Cotton Castle" in Turkish. It is a large, dazzling geologic wonder with hot pools of mineral water slowly cascading into other pools on hundreds of levels. Also visit the nearby Roman theater in Hierapolis (an ancient healing center). Overnight in Pamukkale.

    7th Day (Pamukkale - Kusadasi)
    Visit Ephesus which is the best-preserved Hellenistic city in the ancient world. Among the many well-preserved ruins is the theater where the Ephesians gave their strongest challenge to St. Paul and his disciples. Visit the Virgin Mary Basilica (Ecumenical Basilica), House of the Virgin Mary and St. John's Basilica & Tomb. Overnight in Kusadasi.

    8th Day (Kusadasi - Edremit)
    Drive to & tour Bergama (Pergamum) which was one of the most beautiful ancient cities because of its well known architects & sculptors. It was also famous for its library and healing center. Visit the Red Basilica, Acropolis and Asclepion. Overnight in Edremit.

    9th Day (Edremit - Canakkale)
    Visit the ancient cities of Assos, Alexandria Troas as well as Troy, the site of the decade-long legendary Trojan War as depicted in Homer's Iliad. Overnight in Canakkale.

    10th Day (Canakkale - Istanbul)
    Ferry across the scenic Dardanelles, which was called the Hellespont in classical times and was the subject of myths and legends. Continue to and overnight in Istanbul.

    11th Day (Istanbul) Full day tour
    The legendary Santa Sophia built by Justinian in 537 AD, Chora Church with its excellent Byzantine mosaics, the huge Blue & Suleymaniye Mosques which are unique among the world's mosques. There will even be adequate time for exploring & shopping in the Grand Bazaar with its 4,000+ shops!

    12th Day (Istanbul)
    Transfer to the airport or start a separate day tour of Istanbul.