Are You an Experienced Travel Group Leader?

    We at Ekstra Tourism would like to work with you to lead a group to Turkey. We are happy to work with people who are not associated with a tour agency/operator to lead groups for reasons of: history, culture, religion, academics, special interest; or as a means of self-employment or just to enjoy traveling. We appreciate your valuable experience as a travel group leader and we hope to collaborate with you on a number of occasions.

    We have a standardized system that allows us to easily and effectively keep track of all details. This is very important for us because it is our aim to give the best possible service to each customer. We hope you will find our system very easy to follow. Upon contacting Ekstra Tourism, you will be assigned to a native English-speaking Program Coordinator who will be available to work with you throughout the entire process.

    Our system depends on: Signing a contract, completing three forms, following the payment procedure and email confirmations between the Group Leader and the Program Coordinator. Each form is Microsoft Excel document that can be saved and/or updated and later emailed as an attachment to the Program Coordinator when it is completed. Naturally the Program Coordinator will promptly answer questions and offer suggestions where deemed appropriate. However, if there are specific questions about completing any of the forms, we ask that you first review the "Procedure Explanations for Independent Groups".

    We hope to hear from you soon!

    Hotel Information Form Contract
    Visitor Information Form Payment Policies
    Insurance Information Form Payment Procedures
    Group Leader's Checklist Credit Card Authorization Form
    General Conditions Procedure Explanations for Independent Groups