Do You Want to Learn How to Lead a Travel Group?

    If you are interested in learning how lead a travel group to visit Turkey, then we at Ekstra Tourism are ready to assist you! We call such groups "independent" because they are self-organized without the help of a tour agency or operator in their home country. By following our easy-to-understand procedures, you can be ensured a successful and enjoyable trip at a lower cost. Also there are other excellent reasons for working with Ekstra Tourism:

  • All communications and confirmations will be with a native English speaker (from the US), who, as a long-term resident, is very familiar with Turkey.
  • The steps are straightforward, easy to understand and complete.
  • You will always be informed throughout each step of the process. In addition, you will always receive a final confirmation at the end of each of step.
  • We keep processing costs low for everyone because of the internet and email.
  • Each year we negotiate reduced rates for hotels, guides & transfers. These savings are passed directly to independent groups instead of to a tour agency.

  • Because all details will be double-checked and confirmed, you will be ensured a successful and enjoyable visit. You will see that we are very careful about details.

    Are you still interested? We hope you are! If so, please click on "Procedure Explanations for Independent Groups".